Sloping Block Homes

Sloping Block Home Builders Melbourne & The Mornington Peninsula

For over 18 years, Tidon Constructions have specialised in building custom sloping block homes that are both affordable & luxury across Melbourne & the Mornington Peninsula.

The Tidon team understands the importance of meticulous planning, design and project management. When it comes to building on a sloping block, there is a lot to consider from planning drainage corridors, ground conditions, driveway access, council approvals, retaining walls & maximising your views. Being a custom builder, we're able to create flexible designs that not only fit into your budget but produces a quality home for years to come.

The Sloping Block Build Process

1. Designing Your Sloping Block Home

Building on a sloping block requires in-depth design and planning work in the early stages to address potential design challenges that could come up during the build. The Tidon Constructions team work closely with you to select the best home design for your sloping block. Being a custom home builder, we're not restricted in what we can achieve and can help you create the perfect split-level home for you while minimising costs and maximizing the views of your sloping block.

2. Council Approvals

Before construction begins, you will need to make sure the local council has reviewed the plans and given approval for your new home. At Tidon Constructions, we have over 18 years of experience and our designers can work with you to design a home that not only looks great but meets even the strictest of council guidelines. We can handle the council approval process for you to save time and minimise stress.

3. Constructing Your Sloping Block Home

Sloping block home building is a technical challenge and requires meticulous planning to ensure a smooth construction process. Our custom home designs mean we can work with the gradient of your sloping block to reduce expensive excavation works and retaining walls making the build more affordable. Our custom designs allow us to build on the most challenging sloping blocks from narrow sloping blocks, coastal homes to steep blocks. 

4. Moving In To Your New Home

Constructing a home on a sloping block has its challenges. Tidon Constructions has the experience and knowledge to design and build your dream home at an affordable price. We take the stress away and handle the technical challenges so you'll be ready to move into your new home right away.



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